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We are delighted you have chosen to continue your education at the University of Sioux Falls!  By this time you have communicated with Katy Lahren, Program Coordinator, Jared Berg, Ed.S. Coordinator, and/or me and have finished the preliminary steps to your degree program. 

The Office of the Registrar will help you register for your first semester classes. When it is time to register for the next semester, you will register online through My.USF. 

Please begin this orientation by reading through the rest of this welcome page and then clicking on 1. Connection to Network, WIFI, WebEx listed in the left navigation or on the "Next up" link below.  This will guide you through all the information you will need to get started.

Best wishes in your graduate program! We are here to answer your questions and to help you meet your goal of completing  your graduate degree.



Kama Konda-Varilek, Ed.D.
Director of Education Graduate Programs



COVID-19 Protocols for Fall 2021

Dear Students,


Fall 2021 COVID-19 Planning

We are 12 days away from undergraduate classes beginning on Tuesday, August 24th.  We anticipate that many reading this email are wondering what the fall semester will look like when you arrive on campus.  We have been focused on one goal this summer of returning students to campus in as normal of a learning and living environment as possible in light of COVID-19.  Today, you would find campus classrooms and residence halls being reset to spaces that provide students with experiences much like prior fall semesters before the pandemic.  However, COVID-19 and its delta variant are very much on our minds along with your health and safety upon arrival.  As part of the planning, USF will continue to maintain its COVID-19 website or(  This website will provide up-to-date policies on areas such as masking, social distancing, vaccinations, and much more. 


Today, we want to provide our students with information concerning the COVID-19 vaccination for this fall.  USF is not requiring masks to be worn indoors or outdoors on campus.  However, as we watch the news unfold and the increase of COVID related cases within Sioux Falls, our campus community will need to remain diligent in its efforts to mitigate the risk and need to be prepared to adjust protocols throughout the semester.  


COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The CDC recommends that a COVID vaccine is the most effective method of ending this pandemic. All three of the COVID-19 vaccines that are available via FDA emergency use authorization have been proven to be safe and effective. Real-world data is showing that vaccines are effective against severe illness, emerging variants, and preventing transmission of the disease.


  • We recommend that you consult with your physician or health care provider for advice concerning the COVID-19 vaccination.  Information and resources regarding COVID-19, its variants, and vaccine availability are located at Center for Disease Control and Prevention .
  • For students seeking locations for vaccination sites in the Sioux Falls area, a convenient website has been created by the government to locate vaccination locations near you. The link is as follows:
  • Students who start their vaccinations in one location and need to complete the series before arriving on campus will have options in the community such as AVERA Health or other providers to receive a second dose of vaccine as long as an up-to-date vaccination record is made available to the provider offering the vaccination.
  • Register Your Proof of Vaccination Here. This link brings you directly to the form and takes a few minutes of your time to complete.  Simply enter your name and submit a photo of your COVID-19 vaccination card.  Please know that submitted documentation remains confidential and will be stored by the COVID-19 Response Team. 

In order to access this form, sign-in to your USF Office account.

Username: (please note the username is not your whole email address) for example

Password: same as MyUSF and email


Or, if you need help submitting your documentation, email with a copy of your completed vaccination record.


COVID-19 Symptoms / Exposure

  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are asked to report their symptoms to the COVID-19 Response Team using the COVID-19 Self-Report Form . A member of the COVID-19 response team will contact the self-reporter to determine the necessary action before they can return to campus or resume campus activities.
  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated students who are identified as a close contact must report to the COVID-19 team to discuss the next step for quarantine.  Close contact is defined by the CDC as being within 6 feet of someone for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period who has COVID-19, unless fully vaccinated. The chart below is provided for general information, however, each situation is unique to the individual.  A 14-day quarantine is still recommended as the best method to stop the spread of the virus; however, based on data, a shorter quarantine has been deemed safe.  Two alternate methods are incorporated into USF’s return to campus planning for those who are told to quarantine and remain asymptomatic:



Vaccinated, Asymptomatic Individual

Non-Vaccinated Individual


No Quarantine as long as no COVID symptoms

Quarantine Through Day 7

since last exposure

Quarantine Through Day 10

since last exposure

Alternatives to 14 days quarantine

Do not need to quarantine when exposed to COVID-19 (unless unable to isolate from another who has a confirmed positive test result for COVID-19).

  • Test 3-5 days after exposure, and wear a mask in public indoor settings for 14 days or until they receive a negative test result.


7-day quarantine period:

  • PCR test is taken, test is negative, AND individual demonstrates NO symptoms (cough, sneeze, congestion, temperature, etc.) during daily monitoring.
  • PCR test must be performed no earlier than the 5th day of quarantine to be considered by the COVID-19 Response Team as lessening quarantine time.
  • Monitoring of symptoms until day 14 is required.

10-day quarantine period:

  • No testing is required AND only if there are no symptoms (cough, sneeze, congestion, temperature) during daily monitoring can lessen quarantine time to 10-days.
  • Monitoring of symptoms until day 14 is required.

Return to Campus/Class Date

No disruption from class, sports, fine arts, or campus activities – as long as there are no symptoms.

Release from quarantine and return to campus is dependent on consultation with COVID-19 Response Team Leads Amy Johnson or Julie Gednalske.

Release from quarantine and return to campus is dependent on consultation with COVID-19 Response Team Leads Amy Johnson or Julie Gednalske.


All individuals who are a close contact should continue to monitor themselves closely for any symptoms. If COVID symptoms begin after release from quarantine (within weeks of their exposure), immediately quarantine again and contact USF, and your primary care doctor or the health department for evaluation for possible testing.  


Vaccinated individuals who develop symptoms should quarantine, report to USF, and check with their health care provider for possible COVID test.



USF requires a minimum of a 10-day isolation timeline before an individual testing positive for COVID is allowed to return campus.  For USF students with a positive COVID-19 test result the following apply:  

  • Infected individuals must be in isolation for a minimum of 10 days since symptoms first appeared.
  • Only return to regular activity or work when individual has been 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving and after consultation with the COVID19 Response Team Lead. (Note: Loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation​).



  • Face coverings are no longer required outdoors on the USF campus.
  • Face coverings are not required indoors in campus buildings.
  • Those who wish to wear face coverings are welcome and encouraged to do so while outdoors or indoors on the USF campus.
  • Additional changes to the Face Coverings Policy will continue to be evaluated as changes in the pandemic occur.



USF has established general guidelines for campus COVID-19 response based on information provided by the CDC and health providers as of August 12. Campus policies and guidelines will change as necessary based on new information as it is released.


Email questions concerning COVID-19 to


Take care,


Aimee Vander Feen

Vice President for Enrollment Management

University of Sioux Falls


1. Your Acceptance Letter

If you have any questions after receiving your acceptance letter, plan of study, and registration information, please contact us. 

Fredrikson School of Education
Located in Glidden Hall, 3rd floor


Katy Lahren (Program Coordinator):  605-331-6715
Glidden Hall, 312


Dr. Kama Konda-Varilek (Director of Education Graduate Programs):  605-575-2083

Glidden Hall, 309


Dr. Jared Berg (Ed.S. Coordinator):  605-331-3819
Glidden Hall, 407

2. M.Ed. & Ed.S. Program Course Plans

Find your particular program and click on the link to see required coursework. For most degree programs, students are set up with individualized plans of study. They are created at the time of acceptance by either the Director of Graduate Education (M.Ed. program students), or the Ed.S. Coordinator (Ed.S. program students). Then the plans of study are emailed to the student along with acceptance and new student information.



For the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and M.Ed. in Reading Programs, students are typically set up with the 2-year course plan; however, if students would like to go at a slower pace students can ask the Director of Graduate Programs about the 3-year plan of study. M.Ed. students should consult with the Director of Graduate Programs whenever changes need to be made to their status or plan of study.

M.Ed. in Teaching

The M.Ed. in Teaching Program is designed for students to progress through coursework as a cohort beginning in the fall; however, in some very unique situations individualized course plans are developed and emailed to the student.  Students should refer to the course plan available on our website (link above) for each registration period, unless they are following an individualized plan of study.

M.Ed. in Administration/Adult and Higher Ed

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

M.Ed. in Technology and Personalized Learning



Ed.S. students should consult with the Ed.S. Coordinator whenever changes need to be made to his/her status and/or plan of study. Individualized plans of study are emailed to the student upon acceptance. 

Ed.S. in Educational Administration/Principal

Ed.S. in Educational Administration/Superintendent


3. Course Offerings

Course schedules can be accessed with the following link to the Registrar's Course Offerings page. Future schedules are typically available to view in March for upcoming summer and fall courses, and November for upcoming spring courses:   Course Offerings

For most graduate education programs, courses are condensed over the summer term in addition to having classes during the fall and spring terms.  Graduate students do not observe Interim (January), but rather start with spring classes sometime after the New Year's Holiday in January.  Check the Course Offerings listing found on the Registrar's web pages (above link) for specific schedule information to know when classes are in session.

For most graduate education programs, courses are condensed over the summer term in addition to having classes during the fall and spring terms.  Graduate students do not observe Interim (January), but rather start some time after the New Year's Holiday in January.  Check the Course Offerings listing found on the Registrar's web pages for specific course schedule information to know when classes are in session.

4. Registration - First Term

Registration periods will open for graduate students on specific dates in the fall and spring.  Refer to the academic calendar (found on the Registrar's web pages) for these dates, and watch for correspondence from the Director of Graduate Education or Ed.S. Coordinator a week prior.  Registration instructions are typically attached to those correspondences to encourage a smooth registration process. 

The first time you register for classes, you need to email the registrar at After your first term, you can register online through MyUSF/Academics Tab (see page 4. "Additional Important Information" for registration steps).  Registration for summer and fall graduate classes typically open for graduate students in early April; registration for spring graduate classes typically open in November. 

Be reassured that students can always email the Registrar's office for registration assistance. This is especially encouraged if challenges are experienced when trying to register online through MyUSF. 

5. Your Immunization Form

(Immunization form is not required of students enrolled in a fully online degree program.)

The University of Sioux Falls will require all students who meet on campus for class to provide his/her immunization record showing proof for two properly administered immunizations or immune titers for Mumps, Measles, and Rubella (MMR).   


Please Download: the Immunization Form ( and email the completed form to   


Fall 2021:

The university must receive this information by September 17, 2021, to avoid having a registration hold placed on your account which blocks your registration from spring semester. 


Please note the form also provides the ability to request an exemption from the policy, as well.  Email the completed form with either your doctor’s signature, copy of your immunization record, or exemption documentation to  


Once your record(s) are received by USF Student Life, the office will follow up with an email receipt for notification that your documentation has been received and is completed for your enrollment record.


For South Dakota students – simply respond to or call Student Life at 605-331-6620 to provide your approval for Student Life to verify your immunization records within the state vaccination database.    


If you have any questions concerning your record, please email Student Life at or call Student Life at 605-331-6620.


The South Dakota Law is found below.

Based upon South Dakota State Law and upon the recommendation of the American College Health Association, the University of Sioux Falls requires ALL ADMITTED STUDENTS who meet on-campus to provide proof of immunization for the purpose of controlling communicable disease. All admitted students must have medically signed proof of TWO properly administered immunizations OR immune titers for Mumps, Measles, and Rubella (MMR). These are required for all new, readmitted and transferred students. Students who fail to provide the required proof of immunization may be refused registration and not permitted to attend classes until in compliance. Successful fulfillment of this requirement includes completion of the above “Student Information” portion of this form and ONE of the following: (1) Option 1 – Completing the items below, including a health professional’s signature; or (2) Option 2 – Initials granting USF permission to review the South Dakota vaccination database and verify on your behalf; or (3) Option 3 – attaching a copy of a physician-signed immunization certificate from your personal records or forwarded from another school; or (4) Option 4 – An exemption, checking the reason, including a written statement and student signature.

Please complete the above form and submit it to this address:

  • University of Sioux Falls
  • USF Student Life Office
  • 1101 W. 22nd Street
  • Sioux Falls, SD  57105
  • FAX: 605-331-6615
  • Email:

For questions regarding this form:

6. Your Instructions for Getting Email and Login

Your Instructions for getting Email and Login

    • You must first log in to your USF Email and change your password, prior to logging into the MyUSF Portal. If this is done out of order, your password will need to be reset.  Contact the I.T. Help Desk at if you need your password reset.
    • The next page (1. Get Connected - Network, WIFI, WebEx) will walk you through getting network access, WIFI, and WebEx.


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